Scalar Technology

Strengthen the Embodiment of the Soul

These beautiful new units are designed to be used on their own but they also seem to be a beautiful addition with the IQube technology for those that own them.

At the moment our sense is this is designed to help strengthen the embodiment of the soul.. Are you up for that ride?

As part of this initiative, we have been led to create a different energy around its sale and distribution around the globe. One that is based on love.


What is Scalar Energy

Scalar Energy is one of the most cutting edge, Quantum Therapies on the market. Harnessing what they call “zero point energy”, Scalar devices work to reduce harmful effects of technological EMF’s (cell phones, computers, wifi, etc), can assist with the bodies natural detox process, strengthen chemical bonds in DNA, increase mental focus, and accelerate your spiritual healing. 


Scalar Energy and Spirituality

Beyond the physical benefits, Scalar energy has become well known for it’s ability to enhance spiritual growth and healing. Very simply, zero point energy refers to harnessing energy from the Quantum Field. The Quantum Field is a limitless energy source from which we are all connected (Quantum Entanglement). Through the Quantum Field, anything is possible. Since Scalar devices directly draw in and expand energy from the Quantum Field, by simply being near the device you are getting an amplified connection of the infinite energy source around you . This can help you tap into your own healing abilities, work through soul imbalances, and connect with your divine gifts/abilties. They also help clear the space around you, keeping any energies that do not resonate with you out of your field.