Quantum Allignment Services (the creator of the Tap2Zap program) originally started by working with a biofeedback device in a traditional way. Through falling in love with the biofeedback energy therapy's they, like most people who have experience the technology, wished the device could be running on them all the time. They also noticed their clients having incredible results but within a week they would seem them revert. Through this experience that QAS (Quantum Allignment Services) was born. After extensive software development and programming, they were able to automate some of the devices features to run everyday without the presence of a practitioner. This by no means replaces the practitioner, but rather enhances and elongates the results of the one on one biofeedback sessions. And although the results are different for everyone, many people noticed shifts in their thoughts and their ability to regulate their emotions over a period of time, as if the device was assisting them in slowly shifting into a more positive state. For those using the services alongside a practitioner, many noticed the results of their one on one session lasting longer and even making more progress in-between sessions. But even with these incredible results, they wanted to take to enhance these services even more. This is why the Tap2Zap was created! The Tap2Zap is the ability to request a therapy specific to what you need in that moment. This puts the power in your hands to receive assistance whenever and wherever you need it! It's almost like having an energy healing your pocket!

Nienke discovered Yoga in 1993 and her practice became a way of life. It helped her through some challenging times and she began a journey of self awareness, self acceptance and self-love. This was the motivation for Nienke to want to share these teachings and tools with others. 

Nienke guides her students to be compassionate and to listen to the body’s truth. Everyone comes to yoga with a different biology and biography and Nienke encourages everyone to find the appropriate and healthiset practice each time we arrive on the mat. She creatively brings themes into her classes to weave Yogic teachings and good intentions. She invites others to accept what is present in the moment, which cultivates peace and healing. Her motto for living is “sustainability, slow living, and self-love”, and her classes are an invitation to slow down and practice mindfulness with loving kindness.


Heal Through Love was started by Dr. Hailee Young PhD, IMD. It started as a series of natural health clinics offering energy based medicine and grew from there. Hailee is passionate about conciouness and its role in health, healing, and happiness. Currently a PhD student set to graduate in 2022, her plan is to use her knowledge to help others gain a deeper awareness of themselves and the endless possibilities around them. She deeply believes that we are all connected and miracles are possible through the quantum field. This is why Hailee designed Quantum Care Community. This project was a way to bring together a group of gifted individuals to create the ultimate, easy to use health and wellness tool. It incorporates mind body connection through yoga and meditation, helping people with their ability to stay grounded in the physical world. It also offers metaphysical care as guidance through card readings. It includes healing through energy using quantum entanglement. And finally, it offers awareness of the world! Hailee includes a video series to enhance your ability to feel, connect, and use energy, as well as updates on energy shifts happening through planetary alignments and changes in the Schumann resonance. She offers other intuitive guidance like how to manifest, take back your power, and connect deeper with your highest self. The Heal Through Love program was designed to assist you in EVERY dimension of life: physical, mental, spiritual, and more. It is here to help YOU shift and take a quantum leap in your own life.