The Tap2Zap program combines biofeedback and energy healing to provide on demand services for whenever you need it. Our Holistic Health Practitioner and biofeedback specialist has designed four programs (pain, sleep, stress and allergies) that combines powerful energy to assist you in your daily life. Through the study of Quantum Physics we understand that everything is made up of energy. Each system in the body, each emotion you feel and the space around you is all filled with vibrations. Through many years of studying, doctors and scientist have been able to pinpoint how certain energies correlate with balancing the body's energy field. The powerful biofeedback device we use has therapies specifically designed to support you in whatever you need in that moment. Need assistance sleeping? Feeling stressed? There are different energies and vibrations that can help with that! The best part is that it's all done through the quantum field. This means you can have it wherever you are, whenever you need it! 
Something referred to as Quantum Entanglement explains how this is possible. Two things that seemingly aren't can connected can very much be entwined through the Quantum field. Einstein referred to this as, "spooky action at a distance." Our powerful technology is able to connect with you using your biological signature (your full name, birthday, and location of birth) since you are the only one with those things in common. Questions? Pleases reach out to Hailee at hailee@quantumcareclinics.com. 
What is Quantum Entanglement?
Distance Healing Studies
How Tap2Zap Works